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About One Product Tracker

Ethically Spy on Your Visitors with Real-Time Visitor Recordings, Heat Maps, & Conversion Optimization that's Guaranteed to Increase Engagement & Sales.

See EXACTLY What Each Visitor Does Instantly When They Hit Your Page,

and Gently Persuade Them to Do What YOU Want Them To Do!

It's kind of like looking over their shoulder as your visitors move around your site, make a purchase, sign-up to your list… or click away. You'll be able to...

  • Instantly see when, where and why they leave the page.
  • Which parts of the page turn them off.
  • The 'blockages' that are preventing the sale.
  • And with that kind of intel you'd be able to remedy any web page in seconds.

One Product Tracker is the perfect compliment to ANY website, no matter what niche you are selling in. Sales letters, blogs, video sites, content-based site, you name it. One Product Tracker will tell you what's working and what needs to be tweaked.

You no longer have to keep marketing in the dark and throwing stuff up on the Internet hoping something sticks. One Product Tracking gives you real marketing intelligence that gives you a real serious advantage. Now you can patch up those profit leaks and instantly improve conversions.

Multiple Types of Heat Maps for Precise Intel

One Product Tracking provides accurate visitor heat maps, user-behavior & conversion optimization for better user-experience, engagement and sales.

By Clicks

Using overlays you can see what your visitors are clicking versus what you think they are clicking.

Are people clicking your images, navigation, or call to actions? Or, are they clicking anything at all?

By Eye Tracking

Watch how visitors' eyes are drawn to certain areas on a page.

Are they going to specific parts of a page that you want them to? Do you need to redesign certain elements on a page to help draw their attention to it?

By Scroll

Using our overlays you can see where visitors are scrolling on your page(s).

This is helpful in letting you know if they are scrolling all the way down your pages or leaving at certain parts of your page(s).

See How it Works

Since I've been able to "look over the shoulders" of my website visitors I've been able to make necessary page changes that has increased my sales by 27%. One Product Tracking is a no-brainer purchase.

Logan Anstey

Ceo & Founder

Since I installed One Product Tracking on my website I've been able to identify which products visitors focus on and which ones they ignore. I've been able to make changes that has yeilded awesome results in sales.

Sara Wilsson

Cosmetics Specialist

One Product Tracking showed me that website visitors were clicking away before exploring my site. I changed the video at the top of my page and it solved the problem. I would never have known this had I not been able to see excactly what my visitors were doing. I LOVE One Product Tracking.

Jenny Larson


I was showing too many examples of my work on the main page of my website and visitors were leaving. One Product Tracking helped me to make the decision to provide categories on my main page for visitors to choose from. Less cofusion increased my sales.

Matt Carlson

Website Designer

Thanks to One Product Tracking I made a simple banner change and added a call-to-action button on my website that increased my subsciber rate. Knowning exactly when visitors were leaving my site proved to be the best thing I could learn about the way my website was designed.

John Pynn



With 3 Packages To Choose From There's Something For Everyone.


$0 / month

  • One Website
  • Unlimited Visitor Tracking
  • Phone and Ticket Support
  • Own it for life


$97 / onetime

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Visitor Tracking
  • Phone and Ticket Support
  • Own it for life

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